Acid Lace

Top | Urban Outfitters | similar here

Jeans | American Eagle| here

Boots | Steve Madden | on sale here!

Bralette | Current Air | similar here

Scarf | Soto Boutique | similar here

Necklaces | Soto Boutique and Elle A.

As you may notice from my darkening instagram feed and the lack of color from my wardrobe, I am too excited for the fall and winter seasons. I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot of transitional looks into these posts because those are usually where people have a hard time. This tunic is a go to for me when I don’t know what to wear, and it is a great transitional piece. I got it a few years ago, but I found a similar one on Boohoo. I threw on my favorite jeans from American Eagle. They are the Tomgirl jeans and they are such flattering boyfriend jeans. These boots from Steve Madden are a great way to add dimension to any outfit. They are Steve Madden and I finally found them online again! I added this scarf for more dimension with its almost acid wash print. The details include a black lace bralette and layered necklaces. I have a weird obsession with turquoise and brown together!

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3 Back to School Looks

Back to School season is creeping in, and I’ll use any excuse to make a lookbook! I’m giving you 3 looks for school that are each a bit individual in their styles, but are each unique and comfortable options for a day on campus.

The first look is my perfect mix of girly and edgy, since I countered the black ripped jeans with a pale pink cozy cardigan. I threw on some fishnets under the jeans, but they look great without them too! These jeans are from American Eagle, and fortunately, I’ve been converted. They have easily the most comfortable, high quality jeans and offer a wide variety of styles and lengths. This look could also be cool with a graphic muscle tank instead. I finished it off with a low, comfortable bootie.

The second outfit is my favorite of the three. This is very similar to what I usually end up wearing to class. Again, these insanely comfortable and flattering jeans are from American Eagle (the “Tomgirl” jean). I paired it with a vintage Tool tee that I found at Wasteland, and my monochrome red Vans to add some more color. The beanie makes this look edgy and effortless.

The last outfit is a bit girly for me, but I still love this look when I feel like being a little dressy for class. I usually like to throw in a look like this for back to school because in college I have been giving a lot of presentations. On those occasions, I usually wear a dress, or non-ripped jeans with a cool, button up top. This dress is from Forever 21 ( a long time ago) and the cardigan is my boyfriend’s from Tahari. This combination is very easy to recreate, though. The boots are Free People x Jeffery Campbell and they are some of my favorite shoes right now!

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Dress | Windsor | here, and now on sale

Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell | I bought mine on Poshmark and the style is Scully, if you’d like to look for them!

And here we are, a year later after I took the leap and posted my first three blog posts. I was so terrified to announce to everyone that I was starting a fashion blog. To my surprise, I was blown away by the amount of support and encouragement I received from friends, family, and people I didn’t even personally know. I am still continually surprised by the amount of support I receive for every post following that moment.

To some, 1 year of blogging may seem insignificant, especially if my fashion blog doesn’t spark your interest. This day is so important to me because I am not normally one to stick to a hobby or strategically set out to complete goals. I’ve genuinely loved sharing my passion through blogging this past year, and that alone has been my motivator to continue to create. Today signifies my commitment to this wonderful project of mine.

Thank you to everyone who checks out my posts, reads my rambling notes that I feel like no one reads, and takes the time to offer me feedback. Thank you to anyone that has offered me words of encouragement or criticism, as all have pushed me to improve my content. Thank you to my family, and to my boyfriend Max for always helping me bring my vision to life. I appreciate it all more that you know.

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Want You Back

Dress | Potter’s Pot

Jacket | Zara

Boots | Jeffrey Campbell

You’re probably wondering how I can stand to wear outfits like this in the scorching summer sun, and why I am not posting outfits consisting of shorts and sundresses. Personally, I find shorts extremely uncomfortable. I also love edgy clothes, so that pretty much eliminates sundresses as an option too (with the exception to some that I have blogged previously.) Since most of outings are to work, where there is AC, and during the night, I can get away with wearing all my favorite warmer pieces.

The dress mimics the trendy corset belt style that has been all over instagram. While I don’t prefer the belt trend, I love that this dress incorporates the same idea with the subtle lace-up detail to add shape to a casual T-shirt dress. I threw on one of my current obsessions: this jacket from Zara. It is pure perfection from the studs to the graffiti to the fit. These boots also seem way too warm for the current LA summer, but for a night out with a dress, they add a perfect amount of warmth. The small heel creates height and sound to add confidence while remaining comfortable. They are such a great transitional piece, as they are amazing over skinny jeans as well. To finish off the look, I left my hair in its post-braids shambles and kept my makeup very light, emphasis on the brows. I love this look and I hope you did too!

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Vegas Nights|4 Looks

Hi everyone!

I have compiled four looks that I wore during my trip to Las Vegas!

I love compiling outfits in one post after a vacation, before holidays, or back to school. Speaking of which, a back to school post will be coming soon! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these looks that are great for a night out, whether you’re in Vegas or not!


 Body suit | Forever21

Pants | Macy’s

Boots | JustFab

These pants pretty much speak for themselves. The best way to wear them is with a bodysuit, as they are very loose. I stacked up the jewelry, mixing metals by using silver instead of gold. I really like the contrast!


Top | Zara

Kimono | Soto Boutique

Jeans | American Eagle

Chain | Urban Outfitters

Earrings | Forever21

This look is a little daring, but you should wear whatever you want. I played with silver and went for this glittery crop top, a grey kimono, and silver jewelry. This was one of my favorite looks from the trip. Wear whatever you want, and own it.


Blouse | Dress Forum

Jeans | American Eagle

Necklace | Free People

Earrings | Forever21

Boots | JustFab

You might be thinking, “how did she last in jeans and a blouse in the Vegas heat?” The answer is that the hotels are freezing all the time! Lately, I love the look of a blouse or button-down with lots of jewelry. This was a great look for a beautiful family dinner.


Velvet Dress | Steppin’ Out

Velvet Cardigan | La Belle

Phone Case | Soto Boutique

Heels | JustFab

This look made me feel like I belonged in Clueless. This is one of my favorite looks in a long time. It’s girly and sassy, but black, so it’s perfect. Topped it off with a messy half bun and my usual jewelry. I added a pop of color with my phonecase/ purse.


I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Farewell Familiar




Today, I’ve styled two of Farewell Familiar’s merch tees! Farewell Familiar is band consisting of my brother,Tony and two friends, Zach and Tjay. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re missing out. First, I paired the grey tee with light wash ripped jeans and Doc Martens. This is exactly what I wore literally every day in high school haha. I still love the simplicity and edge of just a band tee, jeans, and boots. It’s a no-brainer, and this awesome graphic tee was designed by our good friend Taylor Bray. It’s definitely a conversation starter. The next shirt I decided to wear with high waisted jean shorts that I made, fishnets, and a taller ankle boot with a comfortable heel. In the photos, I wore a size medium of the black tee, but I actually own a large so it is more comfortable as a dress. I like wearing jean shorts though, just in case I feel like tucking it in instead! Max is a simple man, and wore both tees with black skinny jeans and his Doc Marten Lites: his uniform. For guys especially, it’s always nice to have staples that look good with practically anything. All you need is a good pair of jeans, boots, and some every day accessories. I personally love the big silver rings he wears haha. Don’t be afraid to match with your babe, especially at a show!

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See you soon! More summer looks coming after my weekend in Vegas!


Overall, I’m Good


Top | Soto Boutique

Overalls | Soto Boutique

Flannel | Love Story

Boots | Windsor

Jacket | Signature 8

Overalls are one of my favorite pieces around the summer because they are comfortable and versatile. In fact, one of my first blog posts from last summer also included overall shorts. They are so much fun to work with. Typically, I keep them casual with a cropped tank underneath. I decided on this specific one because of the cut outs on the side. I tied a flannel around the waist to break it up, and act as a belt, since these overalls are actually pretty big on me. Added some edge (my favorite) with these amazing booties from Windsor. The chained detail makes them look very expensive. Finally, I threw on a leather jacket because I am perpetually cold. I hope you liked this look and the amazing photos Max took! I had such a hard time narrowing these down so that is why there is quite a few…

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Trampled Under Foot

Top | Target (I cut it myself)

Button-down | Vintage

Jeans | American Eagle

Chain | Urban Outfitters

Boots | Windsor

I love cutting T-shirts, and one of my favorite trends that I still wear to death is the “faux choker” in tops. This is such a fun way to showcase a necklace or a bralette, even though I went edgier in this look. I added this Zeppelin shirt from Target to my collection, and I decided to size up and cut it. I thrifted this button-down awhile ago, but I rekindled my love for it and have worn it a lot lately. Again, it looks great if it’s loosely buttoned to show off a bralette. Can you tell I love bralettes? These jeans are the most comfortable skinny jeans from American Eagle, and the chain is from Urban Outfitters. The chained boots add a roughness to the look. Let me know if you would like a post about how to cut shirts a few different ways! I’ve been cutting shirts for friends for years, so if you are interested, leave me a comment! Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

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Misery Business

Top | Madewell | on sale here

Jeans | Urban Outfitters | here

Slides | Qupid | here

Handbag | Soto Boutique

Necklace | Free People | here (also available in gold variation)

Sunglasses | BP Nordstrom

Button down shirts have been a recent obsession of mine, as I can dress them up or down while feeling put together doing either. Lately, an oversized button down shirt with high-waisted jeans and a statement necklace has been my go-to. This top is from Madewell and includes a really cute tie detail in the back. Ideally, I would pair this top with ripped jeans to add some edge, but I kept it simple so I could experiment with accessories. To dress this look down, I threw on some furry slides. When selling these at work, customers always ask, “You wear these outside of the house?” Yes! These have been in style for a while and I don’t see them going anywhere. They add an “off-duy” feel to any look! This is a kind of look that makes these slides more acceptable looking in public. Of course, I had to include my everyday handbag, which is still my favorite fashion piece I own right now. A close second, however, is this incredible statement necklace from Free People. Shout out to my friends for making me spend money on this because it truly is me in necklace form. The combination of all these pieces creates a “girl boss” feel that is addicting. This entire look makes me feel cool and confident, which is what fashion should do!

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Hidden Treasure

Band Tee| Conveyer

Dress | Depop

Booties | JustFab

Jacket | Soto Boutique

Happy Friday! Today I bring you a look centered around this dress that I found on the Depop shop @ashleighcherie. I wanted to do a look based around reusing pieces through thrifting, online shops like Depop or Poshmark, or revamping pieces from your own wardrobe. This specific piece is a red slip dress with white polka dots. My motive for purchasing this was to wear it over a band tee. This is one of my brother’s shirts. My tips for layering a dress over a band tee is to choose a simple, loose silhouette for the dress, and to choose a band tee with a large front graphic with colors that are complimentary of the dress. Roll up the sleeves for a more flattering fit. I threw on some heeled booties to give me some height and a leather jacket for some edge. You don’t always need brand new pieces at new prices to create new styles. I’m trying to practice this as much as I preach it!

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