Dress | Windsor | here, and now on sale

Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell | I bought mine on Poshmark and the style is Scully, if you’d like to look for them!

And here we are, a year later after I took the leap and posted my first three blog posts. I was so terrified to announce to everyone that I was starting a fashion blog. To my surprise, I was blown away by the amount of support and encouragement I received from friends, family, and people I didn’t even personally know. I am still continually surprised by the amount of support I receive for every post following that moment.

To some, 1 year of blogging may seem insignificant, especially if my fashion blog doesn’t spark your interest. This day is so important to me because I am not normally one to stick to a hobby or strategically set out to complete goals. I’ve genuinely loved sharing my passion through blogging this past year, and that alone has been my motivator to continue to create. Today signifies my commitment to this wonderful project of mine.

Thank you to everyone who checks out my posts, reads my rambling notes that I feel like no one reads, and takes the time to offer me feedback. Thank you to anyone that has offered me words of encouragement or criticism, as all have pushed me to improve my content. Thank you to my family, and to my boyfriend Max for always helping me bring my vision to life. I appreciate it all more that you know.

Thank you for checking out this post, and be sure to explore the rest of the blog posts! I’m sure you will notice at least a little bit of growth since my first posts! Please feel free to like and share! Follow me on instagram for daily posts @jessandthreads !

See you soon,

Jess xo

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