TrendTip|Polka Dot

That’s right. Polka dots are making a huge statement this year for spring and summer. I am bringing you 3 (2.5?) ways to style this polka dot top in a current and edgy way. Read until the end to check out my favorite polka dots pieces I think you should try!

The top I am styling is from Soto Boutique but there is a very similar one at Forever21 here.

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Look #1: Black and Pastels

Since I want to take this black and white top into spring, one of the best ways to do that is to pair black and white with pastel colors. The touch of black will give the outfit some definition. These shoes from Zara are the perfect shoe for spring without being too girly. I paired it with my favorite light grey suede coat, ripped light-wash jeans, and the black bag. A tip for pairing black with lighter colors is to make sure you’re balanced; If your top is black, make sure your shoes have black, and vice versa. You could always balance your outfit with accessories like shoes, bags, and hats.

Look #2: With Leather

I said 2.5 looks because I simply swapped out my coat for a leather jacket, but both create completely different looks! I simply couldn’t decide. This is a great edgy look for during the day since it’s not too dark and the polka dots add a fun pattern and an unexpected element. The shoes and denim compliment the top and jacket perfectly.

Look #3 Polka Dots for Night

This is probably my favorite! I love a great outfit for going out and this is right up my alley. I paired the polka dots with these amazing faux leather pants from I Am Gia. I always love a good printed blouse with leather pants. I added some drama with my red patent leather boots and finished it off with the black puffer from Free People.

Here are some of my favorite polka dot pieces this season!


Stradivarius Polka Dot Shirt Dress


Zara Polka Dot Jumpsuit Dress

button down top.PNG

Forever21 Polka Dot Button-Front Shirt

Have a great day!

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Favorite Plaid

Bodysuit | Soto Boutique | similar

Jeans | Soto Boutique | similar

Plaid Shirt | POL | very similar

Boots | Dr. Marten’s | here

Transitional periods can be confusing in terms of fashion, especially with this weather in California! I love to layer so I can always be comfortable. A bodysuit is an easy layer because they are fitted. You can layer on top of them without completely losing your shape. I’ve been pulling inspiration from ’90s TV shows lately, so this plaid shirt was a great find! If you like edgy or grunge elements, the ’90s are a great era to pull inspiration from. Check out my mood board featuring ’90s fashion here. I complimented it with some ripped relaxed jeans and some platform boots. I like the contrast of the lace-up, feminine bodysuit with the tomboy touches of plaid, denim, and chunky boots. If you’ve checked out my previous posts, you would probably notice this is one of my favorite things to do in terms of my style! I hope you enjoy!

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TrendTip| Lilac

Jacket | Soto Boutique | similar (so fun)

Jeans | American Eagle | here

Shoes | Zara | similar

Scarf | Soto Boutique | similar

Bag | TJMaxx (gifted) | similar

It seems as though California has decided to completely skip winter, and I am all ready for the new spring trends. One of the biggest colors for this spring, and arguably every spring, is a lilac or lavender shade. I decided to show you how I style this color and add my personal touches of edge to this trend.

Since the lilac is naturally a more feminine shade, I decided to contrast this with a black base outfit. I kept my tank top and jeans simple to start out. This studded jacket from Soto Boutique was a gift from my boyfriend. I honestly have not taken it off because it is so comfortable and cool. Of course, the focal point of the look is the scarf. I finished the look with these blush block heels and a fun bucket bag. You could always use a more subdued bag as well. Starting with all black was also helpful, since the scarf and shoes are two different pastel shades. Lilac looks incredible with white and denim as well!

Here are some more pieces you can wear to rock lilac this spring!


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.03.35 AM

Urban Outfitters Fuzzy Cropped Sweater


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.05.32 AM

Urban Outfitters Felt Beret

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.55.15 AM

Misguided Bodysuit

I hope you enjoyed these tips for styling lilac this spring!

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Go to California

Top | Target (I cut it myself)

Pants | Free People | here

Shoes | Steve Madden | similar

Velvet Cardigan | Vintage | similar

Hat | Soto Boutique | similar

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! It doesn’t feel like December in California at all (it’s still in the low 80s everyday) so I hope the rest of you are having fun layering and cuddling up. I wanted to do a quick post of how I style these amazing pants from Free People! I snagged them on Cyber Monday and I have been living in them since. they really do feel like pajama pants. They come in a few different patterns and are all so versatile. I found my favorite way to wear them is with a band tee. This creates a 1990s rock vibe through the band tee and the plaid. To add height, I wore my black platform boots. You cannot tell in the pictures but my black cardigan is actually velvet. Velvet that is not crushed velvet is a really easy texture to incorporate because black velvet doesn’t necessarily look like velvet from far away. It’s a very subtle touch that can make any look a bit more interesting when you are close up. I am also finally styling this baker boy hat on the blog. I used to absolutely hate these hats… and now I never take it off. These hats make any outfit look more stylish, trendy, and put together. I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for a warmer winter look!

I am deciding on a regular posting schedule that will begin in January! My goal is to really focus on my blog and get as much quality content here as I can!

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Fall Lookbook

Happy Fall everyone!

I am so excited to be sharing this post with you all! I worked super hard on compiling 3 looks for Thanksgiving/fall festivities! I tried to create looks that exhibit different styles. I hope you all enjoy and get some inspiration for your fall wardrobe!


Dress | Soto Boutique | similar

Leopard Blazer | Thrifted | similar (MAJOR discount)

Clutch | Love Culture | similar

Shoes | Dollskill | here ( but mostly out of stock!) 

Beret | Forever21 | here

This is my favorite of the three so I could not resist listing this one first. It is also the least casual out of the three. If you are attending a more formal fall event, this is a really unique look to put together. I love mixing patterns, and often, leopard is actually the easiest to mix! I scored this coat while thrifting, but I like it because it is a very dark leopard print. It also hides your midsection so you can fill up on all the pumpkin pie you want. These shoes are killer, and unfortunately sold out almost over night. I am working on finding them on a different site for you! Some sizes are still in stock though! The dress is a great length for family events because it is not too short or too low cut. Tights would be much more appropriate, but mine had a run! Stockings are fun if you’re wearing this on a night out!

“Somewhat Casual”

Dress/Tunic | Boohoo| similar

Chain belt | Forever21 | similar

Boots | JustFab | very similar 

Bag | Soto Boutique

This is a great look if you want to be comfortable but still put together. The sweater dress is a bit short so I layered some black shorts under. You could also pair this with black tights as well! I added the belt on the hips for some dimension and drama. I added a pop of color and mix of texture with this faux fur red clutch. Again, a sweater dress is very forgiving so you will be incredibly comfortable!

“Boho Casual”

Sweater | Soto Boutique | similar

Scarf | Etsy | similar

Jeans | Justblack | similar

Shoes | JustFab | similar

This is similar to what I usually end up wearing on Thanksgiving, since my family hosts. I need to be comfortable enough to get everything done and hang out with my family. If I was attending, I might dress up a bit more, similar to the previous looks. Regardless, this look is perfect for any other fall activities. This look is so comfortable and versatile!


Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I hope you got some inspiration for some of your fall and holiday looks! Stay tuned for more fall and winter inspiration!

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Flair for the Dramatic

Sweater | Boohoo | similar

Pants | Brandy Melville | here

Coat | Soto Boutique | not available but this is also cute

 Shoes | Jeffery Campbell (not available but I found them on Poshmark)

Handbag | Soto Boutique | similar

Belt | ASOS | here

Fall is finally making its arrival this year and us in California could not be more excited for a change in weather! I broke out a few pieces that I’ve had to show you that you can “shop” your own closet. Finding new ways to style the clothes you already have will give you more bang for your buck and save you some money. I experimented in my closet and came up with this look for you! The dramatic shoes can easily be replaced with some Dr. Martens (my solution for literally anything) or a comfortable heel. I went for a pop of color in the bag. I absolutely love how this look turned out because I love the mix of textures. The cable knit, the grey suede coat, and the red faux fur bag work together to create dimension that is so important in layered looks! The patterned pants help with this quite a lot as well!

I hope you enjoyed this look! As you may have noticed on the homepage of my blog, I have added a couple tabs to the menu bar. I am going to start posting more about specific styling, reviews, and even sharing some Polyvore sets with you all! Stay tuned as posts in those categories will be up soon!

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Drops of Jupiter

Sweater | Zara | here (in multiple colors)

Scarf | Zara | similar

Jeans | JustBlack | similar

Jacket | Hollister

One trend I have been seeing in multiple stores this season is chenille, which is basically the softest fabric you will ever wear. We carry a chenille cardigan at Soto, I’ve seen it at Forever21, Zara has plenty of chenille sweaters… I feel like it came out of nowhere. Nonetheless, at least go try one on. It is incredibly soft and resembles velvet in its luster. This particular one is available at Zara in this mustard color, as well as more colors. It’s meant to fit oversized, so I would not recommend sizing up, as this is a small. I tied this adorable bandana scarf around my neck to feel more put together. This scarf is recent from Zara in store, but I didn’t see it online. I kept it all black on the bottom, and added a comfortable heel. I love the look of a denim jacket just caped over the shoulders. It’s a little more unexpected than just simply wearing it. I am praying for the cold weather that we Californians are so overdue for so I can actually wear all my fall pieces instead of just blogging them!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Please feel free to like, comment, and share with anyone you think would like this!

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Honey Sweet

Top | Love Culture | similar

Jacket | Zara | similar & other fun option

Jeans | BDG |here or similar

Boots | Dr. Martens | here

Phone case | Wildflower | launching on the website 10/3/17

Denim on denim can be very intimidating, especially for anyone who is not normally adventurous with their clothes. A rule of thumb that I use when I am pairing jackets with pants is to match the hem of the jacket to the top of the pant. For example, because I am wearing high waisted jeans, I picked a cropped denim jacket to show the waist of the jeans. I always use this tip when pairing denim on denim in order to create a clean set. Another tip is to break up the denim with color, like I did with the yellow top and black belt. The jacket and jeans just happened to match denim washes, which I prefer. If you want to mix denim washes, I always suggest wearing darker denim or black denim on the bottom, and the lighter pieces on top. I added a suggestion of a mixed wash denim jacket above because I think that would be a really cool way to add interest to any look.

Also, scrunchies are back, whether we like it or not. I personally love them, particularly the ones available at Free People, because I can match them to any outfit and they won’t look weird on my wrist like a normal hair tie. I went with the red and yellow silk one to tie in the yellow of my top and the red of my bag. I went full matching with my red snakeskin phone case from the Wildflower pop-up shop! Sometimes, “match-y match-y” can instantly elevate your look and create a polished, chic vibe. Don’t be afraid to match! These platform Dr. Martens are my new favorites. They are clunky and actually make my legs look slimmer. Sold.

This post was delayed due to the ache of the horrific incident in Las Vegas. I simply could not bring myself to post this and promote it when I felt so helpless and awful for what happened. Thank you for understanding. I continue sending love to those affected.

I hope this post lifted your spirits even for a brief moment. Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to share with anyone you think would like it!

See you soon,


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Un Deux Trois

Blazer | Boohoo |here (very limited stock) | similar

Mock neck top | Love Culture | similar

Black denim skirt | Free People | similar here here

Heels | Jeffery Campbell “Scully” | similar but more feminine

Beret | Forever 21| here

Consider this look my attempt to push the boundaries, as I have felt like I’ve been at a creative stand still for a little while now. You may or may not be able to tell from my lack of consistency that I have not felt like myself or inspired lately. I am only sharing this in order to be transparent with you. Know that while I may try to act like I know what I’m doing, I usually don’t. Remember that everyone is simply faking it until they make it.

Alright, with that aside, I love this look that I’m posting today! This outfit gives off the perfect amount of Parisian vibes while remaining true to my edgy and dark style. I centered the look around this plaid blazer, as plaid is one of the true constants of fall and winter fashion. After attempting to thrift a blazer, I found this one on I added a berry mock neck top under for a bit of contrast, then kept it simple with a black denim skirt and my black platforms for some height. The important thing to remember when layering a blazer over short bottoms (such as jean shorts, a dress, or a skirt) is to make sure that the blazer is either the same length or longer than the bottoms you are wearing with it. This will prevent your body from being broken into 3 segments, which tends to make anyone look shorter and stumpier. I topped of the sophisticated feeling with an edgy beret (yes, they are back!) and a black cross-body bag. Don’t forget to add a red lip for the ultimate fall look!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope this outfit inspires you to test your limits and try something new! Please feel free to like and share with anyone you know!

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TrendTip| Velvet

Button down | My boyfriend | similar

Jeans | Zara | similar here and here

Velvet Duster | thrifted

Slides | Target | here (great deal!)

I have been having so much fun picking out fall pieces and getting myself excited for colder weather. I decided that with all of the great trends that are rising this fall, I wanted to start a new series on the blog! TrendTips (name subject to change) are going to be posts that center around a specific trend, including at least one outfit incorporating that trend and also a list of recommendations I put together to help you while shopping for this trend! I hope you guys enjoy this new series, as I already have ideas for upcoming posts!

The talk of the town this fall is velvet. Velvet tends to make an appearance during a few different seasons, but velvet for fall makes the most sense due to the weight of the fabric. I love velvet in olive or plum tones, and incorporating velvet into your fall wardrobe is a great way to add texture. Unfortunately, while I was looking for similar retail pieces of this velvet duster, it occurred to me that these are usually very pricey, starting at $200. I thrifted mine, and noticed there are lots of listings for velvet cardigans on Poshmark, a website where you can buy and sell used clothing. I saw listings on Poshmark for under $100! I highly recommend searching those, but these may become more popular in more inexpensive retailers as the season progresses! I paired this duster with a button down shirt, ripped jeans, and a smart slide. This made me feel edgy and almost “laid back professional,” for lack of a better word!

Here are some pieces I spotted that I think are great ways to incorporate velvet into your fall essentials!

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.08.08 AM

Lulus Black Velvet Bodycon Dress (also in Plum)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.10.27 AM

Forever 21 Crushed Velvet Cami (also in Brown)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.12.58 AM

Urban Outfitters Velvet Jumpsuit (available in 4 colors- I love this pick!)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.15.06 AM

Free People Velvet Trucker Jacket (also in 2 colors- This one was a great find, as trucker jackets are also huge for fall!)


Thank you so so much for all your support! I hope you enjoy this new series and got some new ideas for your fall shopping! Please feel free to like and share with anyone you think will enjoy!

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