Honey Sweet

Top | Love Culture | similar

Jacket | Zara | similar & other fun option

Jeans | BDG |here or similar

Boots | Dr. Martens | here

Phone case | Wildflower | launching on the website 10/3/17

Denim on denim can be very intimidating, especially for anyone who is not normally adventurous with their clothes. A rule of thumb that I use when I am pairing jackets with pants is to match the hem of the jacket to the top of the pant. For example, because I am wearing high waisted jeans, I picked a cropped denim jacket to show the waist of the jeans. I always use this tip when pairing denim on denim in order to create a clean set. Another tip is to break up the denim with color, like I did with the yellow top and black belt. The jacket and jeans just happened to match denim washes, which I prefer. If you want to mix denim washes, I always suggest wearing darker denim or black denim on the bottom, and the lighter pieces on top. I added a suggestion of a mixed wash denim jacket above because I think that would be a really cool way to add interest to any look.

Also, scrunchies are back, whether we like it or not. I personally love them, particularly the ones available at Free People, because I can match them to any outfit and they won’t look weird on my wrist like a normal hair tie. I went with the red and yellow silk one to tie in the yellow of my top and the red of my bag. I went full matching with my red snakeskin phone case from the Wildflower pop-up shop! Sometimes, “match-y match-y” can instantly elevate your look and create a polished, chic vibe. Don’t be afraid to match! These platform Dr. Martens are my new favorites. They are clunky and actually make my legs look slimmer. Sold.

This post was delayed due to the ache of the horrific incident in Las Vegas. I simply could not bring myself to post this and promote it when I felt so helpless and awful for what happened. Thank you for understanding. I continue sending love to those affected.

I hope this post lifted your spirits even for a brief moment. Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to share with anyone you think would like it!

See you soon,


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