Favorite Plaid

Bodysuit | Soto Boutique | similar

Jeans | Soto Boutique | similar

Plaid Shirt | POL | very similar

Boots | Dr. Marten’s | here

Transitional periods can be confusing in terms of fashion, especially with this weather in California! I love to layer so I can always be comfortable. A bodysuit is an easy layer because they are fitted. You can layer on top of them without completely losing your shape. I’ve been pulling inspiration from ’90s TV shows lately, so this plaid shirt was a great find! If you like edgy or grunge elements, the ’90s are a great era to pull inspiration from. Check out my mood board featuring ’90s fashion here. I complimented it with some ripped relaxed jeans and some platform boots. I like the contrast of the lace-up, feminine bodysuit with the tomboy touches of plaid, denim, and chunky boots. If you’ve checked out my previous posts, you would probably notice this is one of my favorite things to do in terms of my style! I hope you enjoy!

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