Hidden Treasure

Band Tee| Conveyer

Dress | Depop

Booties | JustFab

Jacket | Soto Boutique

Happy Friday! Today I bring you a look centered around this dress that I found on the Depop shop @ashleighcherie. I wanted to do a look based around reusing pieces through thrifting, online shops like Depop or Poshmark, or revamping pieces from your own wardrobe. This specific piece is a red slip dress with white polka dots. My motive for purchasing this was to wear it over a band tee. This is one of my brother’s shirts. My tips for layering a dress over a band tee is to choose a simple, loose silhouette for the dress, and to choose a band tee with a large front graphic with colors that are complimentary of the dress. Roll up the sleeves for a more flattering fit. I threw on some heeled booties to give me some height and a leather jacket for some edge. You don’t always need brand new pieces at new prices to create new styles. I’m trying to practice this as much as I preach it!

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