Trampled Under Foot

Top | Target (I cut it myself)

Button-down | Vintage

Jeans | American Eagle

Chain | Urban Outfitters

Boots | Windsor

I love cutting T-shirts, and one of my favorite trends that I still wear to death is the “faux choker” in tops. This is such a fun way to showcase a necklace or a bralette, even though I went edgier in this look. I added this Zeppelin shirt from Target to my collection, and I decided to size up and cut it. I thrifted this button-down awhile ago, but I rekindled my love for it and have worn it a lot lately. Again, it looks great if it’s loosely buttoned to show off a bralette. Can you tell I love bralettes? These jeans are the most comfortable skinny jeans from American Eagle, and the chain is from Urban Outfitters. The chained boots add a roughness to the look. Let me know if you would like a post about how to cut shirts a few different ways! I’ve been cutting shirts for friends for years, so if you are interested, leave me a comment! Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

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