Into the Dark

Top | Soto

Shorts | Vintage

Thigh Highs | Nordstrom Rack

Trench | Love Culture

Shoes | Love Story

Backpack | Urban Outfitters

I tend to talk a lot about the weather in my blog posts, but the weather influences how we dress because clothes are fundamentally for protection above all else. As I write this, Los Angeles is anticipating the worst storm of the season. It’s a bit ironic then that this post (which features pictures taken before the storm began) features shorts, but what can I say? I am a June baby; I’m anxiously waiting for the sun to come out.

If you know me or my style, you know one of my favorite staples in my closet is a killer graphic tee. This is one way I like to dress them up a bit, or what I would wear to a concert. Swap out this top for a band tee and you’ve got a unique, edgy outfit that will stand out in a crowd of people wearing the same band shirt (haha)! But seriously, I love this look. I paired the top with vintage Levi shorts, lace thigh highs, and this very comfortable low boot. I actually prefer this look with the jacket, and this one is light weight enough to wear in the spring. My purse as of late has been this backpack. It’s really easy, but I am on the hunt for the perfect black bag. Any suggestions?

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