Blue Jean Baby

Denim on denim can be pretty adventurous for most people, and it’s a trend that kind of moves in and out of style. I simply just love this look in spring because it is a way I can brighten up my wardrobe without experimenting with very much color! The trick is to use different shades of denim. This keeps it looking a bit more modern and less like a set. Another major trick to keep in mind is to give the look a break by letting some skin show, whether that is the ankles by using cropped jeans, or wearing a crop top or cropped denim piece. That is what makes all the difference, and this trick can be applied for working with any pattern or monochromatic look! I paired my vintage Levis and cropped denim jacket with a black and white striped long sleeve. I tied it to show some skin, and rolled up the ankle of the jeans. I kept it simple with some low-cut, leather Vans slip-ons. To pick up the white in the shirt a bit more, I also added a white lace choker. I hope you enjoyed this look! Thank you so much, and please feel free to like and share!

Have a great day!



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