Flicker, Fade

Bodysuit | Soto

Pants | Soto

Jacket | Soto

Boots | Steve Madden

We’re a bit classier today with this stunning suede coat and statement flares. Both of these pieces can be dressed up or dressed down. The weight of the coat is perfect for this transition season and the color is a perfect cool tone. These pants are probably my favorite piece in my wardrobe as of late, as they look great with bodysuits, crop tops, and band tees. I think the trick to wearing these pants with boots is to choose a boot that is higher on the ankle and tighter in that area, so it sits nicely at the hem. That took some trial and error to figure out. I paired the look with a tight lace up body suit to balance out the wideness of the pants and coat, and added some edge with a very wide choker. I’m not normally a cuff kind of person but this beautiful one was gifted to me from my boyfriend’s mother, and I love it. It adds the perfect touch of hardware that will stand out. I kept the hair straight and messy to keep the look edgy. I hope you enjoy this look! Thank you as always!

See you soon


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