Roses Are Red

Top | Soto Boutique

Fuzzy Jacket | Soto Boutique

Denim Jacket | Hollister

Jeans | Forever 21 (DIY distressing)

Sneakers | Vans

There’s something about this top that makes me feel girly and retro. Appliqué is huge for spring, and pretty much consumes all of LF’s instagram. I added some edge to a feminine and relatively young top by pairing it with destroyed, black high waisted jeans and fishnets. To keep it clean and bright, I added some white leather slip ons. I like mixing it up with outerwear, and I thought both of these jackets were really great options for this look. Denim, while being lighter in weight, breaks up the black and adds brightness. Regardless, who can say no to a jacket thats basically a robe? I picked up some of the pink in my lipstick and added a wing liner to play with the retro vibes.

I hope you enjoy this look! I am working to get content up more often, but follow my instagram @jessandthreads for more fashion posts!

Thank you as always! Have a great day!


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