Bad Seed

Body suit | Soto Boutique | very similar

Jeans | Soto Boutique (JustBlack) | very similar

Boots | Boohoo | here

Choker | Etsy | here

This day was probably the only time I wore all black the entire summer (LA is experiencing a heat wave, people. This is no joke.) This was an outfit I wore on a sushi date night and I just love the low back of this body suit. This bodysuit was purchased at Soto Boutique, but I found basically the same one online at Express, which is linked above. These jeans are my favorite high rise JustBlack jeans, and the boots are my favorite from Boohoo (are you at all surprised?) I love pairing more revealing tops or body suits with high rise jeans because it tones it down a bit and covers up a little more. Chokers have become an everyday habit for me, especially this wrap one.  This outfit is simple and consists solely of staple pieces in my wardrobe, which definitely saves my wallet a lot of heartache. Maybe I should’ve called this, “Badass on a Budget.”

I always love hearing feedback, good or bad (please spare my feelings though!) I’ve been working very hard and would love to know anything that you love or think I should improve on. Please feel free to share my blog on your social media, or with anyone who you think would like it! Thank you as always ❤


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