Torn Up


Top | Love Story | very similar & similar

Overalls | Soto Boutique | very similar

Distressed Flannel | Love Story

Shoes | Dr.  Martens | here

Happy Monday! It’s my last week before my semester starts so I’ve been feeling a little more adventurous lately, trying to savor my last bit of summer. I love these overalls because they are super stretchy and effortless. I purchased them at Soto Boutique, but I found a very similar option from Forever21. I like pairing off the shoulder crop tops with these for two reasons. First, I like that the sleeves/ overall straps do hit the same place on the shoulder, and secondly, the crop top shows just a little bit of skin on the sides, so the overalls don’t look too young. This particular one was purchased at Love Story but I found two similar options for this, as well. I’m working to find an alternative for this amazing distressed flannel that I found at Love Story, but it could also be a really fun and easy DIY project. My sandals are my favorite leather sandals by Dr. Martens. I love these because of the quality and comfort. I used to have to buy new sandals each month of summer because they would just fall apart, but I know these will last me years and years.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please share and spread the word. Have a great, productive week, and be sure to check out my back-to-school posts happening this weekend!


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