The Rover

Top | Forever21 | here

Skirt | Urban Outfitters | similar

Shoes | Free People | here

Oversized jean jacket | Hollister | very similar

Right now, I am completely in love with these wooden clogs from Free People, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t center this entire outfit around them haha. The color and detailing absolutely kill me, and they are pretty easy to walk in. The skirt I paired with it was purchased at Urban Outfitters Surplus store in Los Angeles (there were a bunch left) and really compliments the color of the clogs. I stuck to a very basic Forever21 v-neck and ended up throwing on my favorite denim jacket from Hollister. I got this jacket a few years ago, but it’s pretty easy to find just an oversized denim jacket anywhere, and I linked one above for you.

It’s definitely a weird transition time in fashion, especially in Southern California (it’s too hot to wear basically anything). This whiskey, kind of caramel brown is a great way to ease into fall. Close friends obviously know I love this color because I recently painted my room this color haha. Thank you as always for checking out my blog. Have an awesome day :*


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