Stylish Looks for your Next Zoom Call

In the age of zoom, I’m sure we’ve all figured out the cardinal rule: dressed up on top and sweatpants on the bottom. I thought I would show my looks I’ve worn on zoom that made me feel stylish, from the waist up.

#1 Meetings on Meetings

I’d like to call this one “Someone forgot to hit mute.” This is what I would wear to a zoom meeting to look a little more put together. I chose a simple beige, mock neck sweater that pulls the attention towards my face. To show of this perfect mock neck from Soto Boutique, I pulled my hair up and added thick silver earrings. This look is perfect for my position, but you can always swap out the hoop for an eye-catching stud. The idea for most of these looks is to keep the attention of the look around your face. It doesn’t have to be super bold, but earrings and necklaces help frame your face for zoom. Choose details that will be seen in the little webcam square around you-no need worry about belts or jeans or even tops with detail on the bottom since they probably won’t be seen.

#2 Weekend Game Night

This next one I’ve worn to a zoom party, but I’ve also worn this combination a million times pre-pandemic. A graphic tee with layered necklaces is a great dressed-up casual look for zoom because again: the attention of the look is towards the top. I tend to lean away from super feminine silhouettes and love chunky silver jewelry. This is perfectly my style for zoom.

#3 Zoom and Drinks

These looks are perfect for your online dating life. If you’re like me, video chatting can be very intimidating. The key is to wear something you feel confident in- maybe open photo booth on your computer before to help yourself feel comfortable. Since zoom dates are normally pretty casual, my first look casual tank bodysuit that is flattering on my body but is also a color I like with my eyes. My rule of thumb for dates is usually simple, well fitting pieces (this doesn’t always feel tight.) Normally, if you’re nervous, overdoing it can make you feel worse. Stick to colors you like and rock it. I paired it with a flannel for a more relaxed look. Another option is a simple henley top. These sort of tops do the work for you, since you don’t even need jewelry with it. 

#4 Girls’ Night In

Finally, this is the “girls night in on zoom” look I’ve rocked a lot since lockdown. Messy bun, lip stain, and an oversized button down shirt (which are very on trend for spring 2021). Again, focus on what you feel confident in. This may not be it for you, but there’s just something about oversized button-down shirts I love. I lounge in them because they’re still comfortable and not sweats. Just pour yourself a glass of wine, curl up with your laptop, and stay connected. 

These are super simple looks that look good on a computer screen. I hope these gave you some ideas to try out for your next zoom call!

See you soon,