Top & Jeans | Zara

Fishnets | Amazon

Boots | JustFab

Zara has always been a store that drew me to their merchandise, but I never shopped there because my local Zara is a total wreck (and this is coming from a fellow sales associate). It tends to be stores that are reasonably priced that become the messiest for some reason, and it is impossible to shop in there. I finally ventured out to a different location and got really lucky with my findings! What a difference a maintained store can make!

Anyway, I’m done ranting about that. This outfit is exactly what I’ve been going for lately. I love being different, and this top is definitely different. Loud colors and graphics are a huge spring trend, as well as a flattering dramatic sleeve. This top has raw edges, which is helpful since I might crop it a bit more. I struck gold when I found these jeans! It is so hard for me to find jeans since my leg/hip and waist ratio are all out of whack haha. I absolutely love the fit and the discoloration at the bottom! I tend to prefer straight or flare pants with a higher ankle boot, so I broke out these trusty ones from JustFab. I’m always looking for ways to add unique little details to my outfits, so I through on a pair of fishnets to peek through the top and rips of the jeans.

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See you in a few days!


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