Floral & Fading

Dress | Soto Boutique

Jacket | TCEC

Purse | Soto Boutique

I am constantly torn between by love for edgy, rough looking pieces, and earthy, flow-y bohemian pieces. In the summer, I absolutely love dresses but they are often too girly. The trick I have found to combine these two styles is to find dresses in muted colors, and add some edge (I mean, what else is new?) If you’re not new here, you most likely already know my love for leather, chains, studs and platforms. I also love both feminine and tough silhouettes. This look is a perfect balance of the two for me. The dress becomes slightly wider around the hips, and tapers back in near the bottom. This is a great dress shape for anyone struggling to create the illusion of more shape. The print is girly and muted, allowing it to pair perfectly with a tough jacket.

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I will be in Kauai in a week and will be posting one big post of some outfits from my trip! I’m trying my best to have some posts queued for during the trip! Follow me on instagram @jessandthreads for more fashion posts!

See you soon!


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