This outfit is pretty typical of me for everyday. Comfort is key, and lately I’ve been totally into the hoodie trend. This cropped, distressed one is from Soto and I love how it looks with my favorite bralette. This bralette adds the coolest touch to any outfit. It’s also amazing for just any top that is low cut, or one that always falls off the shoulders. Hoodies also look great with jackets over them. This specific jacket is army green with black leather sleeves, and is by Celebrity Pink. I kept it simple with black skinny jeans, as per usual. I finished off the look with my black buckle booties. These are meant to be worn without socks, but I’m someone who just feels gross without socks, so that’s why you’ll see polka dots peeking through haha.

Lately, more so than ever, I have been really focusing on myself. Part of my mission to build my confidence is to fully and totally embrace my own unique style and follow my instinct. So often I am attracted to pieces or outfits that are immediately rejected by others. I used to always ask the opinion of others before purchasing things that I genuinely adored, or had to check with someone else if my outfit “went together” every time I went out. I touched on this subject a few posts back, but I think I should repeat it. You do not need the constant approval of others. In fact, even when Max is taking my blog pictures, he sometimes isn’t a huge fan of the outfit itself. However, he acknowledges and supports that anyone can wear whatever they want and feel good in. Often, if I like something that is daring or earns its fair share of confused looks, I feel even more empowered. This outfit is pretty simple and not very crazy, but it’s just an idea I’ve been trying to embrace more and more, so I thought to share.

Thanks for checking out my blog! See you soon


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