Overalls | Soto

Cardigan | Boohoo

Shoes | Vans

If you’re not following me on instagram (shameless plug-  @jessandthreads), then you probably just found out that I cut my hair! I donated 12 inches of my hair and I am so happy with the result! I went a little bit lighter in color, and I oddly feel so much more like myself with hair this length. I have never in my life had hair this short, so I’m still really excited about it haha!

Onto the outfit, this is what a lot of my transitional outfits have looked like this month. These overalls are a relaxed, boyfriend cut. They are so comfortable and versatile, as you can pair them with a cute crop top in the warmer weather. We’ve had come crazy rain in LA lately, so I would even add a black beanie to this look and swap the Vans our for my Dr. Martens. It’s always fun for me to find pieces like these overalls that can be worn countless ways! Let me know what you think of this look, and feel free to share!

Thank you so much as always ❤


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