Fishin’ for Trouble

Long Black Top | Forever 21 | similar

Sweater | Soto | similar here & here

Shorts | Hollister | similar

Shoes | Public Desire | here

Today, I felt a little daring, and I taking this post in a different direction. I want to share something with you all. Lately, I have been extremely hard on myself in every aspect of my life. I have not let myself accept any compliments or encouragement in any area of my life, including school, my blog, work, my physical appearance, etc. My grades are great, work is great, and I am picking my healthy lifestyle back up again. Yet, I am having a pretty hard time letting myself relax. I’m working very hard to stop that and build my self esteem back up. Keeping this in mind, I’ve discovered that one aspect of my life that I feel comfortable with is my ability to express myself through the clothes I wear. I have grown to frankly not care about what people think about my clothes, my style or my crazy love for fashion. Being complimented is not the reason I enjoy getting dressed in the morning, or creating blog posts. I have chosen to study fashion because it is something I feel like I am good at because I try to take risks. Sure, I’ve taken pictures for a blog post, then decided I didn’t like the outfit. This outfit in particular is very daring for me, so I felt it was appropriate to say that it’s okay to wear items that other people don’t like. I’m sure I’m probably the only one who loves these platform shoes, or holes in my sweater, or fishnet tights. That is perfectly okay. So don’t let other people’s criticisms hold you back in wearing whatever the hell you want to wear. Don’t let anyone’s negativity hold you back from anything, ever.

Thank you for checking out my blog, you guys are so awesome! I’ll talk to you soon.


One thought on “Fishin’ for Trouble

  1. Really??? Don’t be so hard on yourself..
    You have everything going on..
    Continue on your path, dear Jess..
    You are a shining star in every way!!
    Love u

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