Dazed & Confused

Top | Soto Boutique | similar here & here

Skirt | Free People | very similar

Denim Jacket | Hollister | similar

Boots | Steve Madden | similar here

To say it’s been a crazy week since I last posted would be a huge understatement, and honestly, with everything going on in our country recently, I felt it was almost inappropriate for me to post during such a turbulent time. However, life goes on, and we must continue to do the things that make us the happiest we can be regardless of outside forces, which brings us to a new blog post today. I love blogging and I was so excited to create again!

I decided to test out a fall trend that I used to pretty much avoid at all costs: denim on denim. I did it subtly with black jeans a few posts ago, and decided to give it another go. I am still sticking with at least one piece that’s black denim just because I can’t seem to get two shades of blue denim to look right together, but that’s why I love experimenting with my closet. This is an ideal Friday night activity for me, guys. Anyway, I fell in love with this top the second we got it at work, and I immediately bought it because it’s so different and edgy. I’ve pretty much lived in it since! It’s still available at Soto, so if you love this top, pick it up before it’s gone! I tried to find a similar one online, but I came up short, so I found two that are the same color scheme and give off a similar vibe. These shoes are super old from Steve Madden. I love a good edgy platform, but I found an extremely similar boot in a low-heel version, which would definitely dress down this look. I kept the makeup very minimal and swaped my contacts for glasses (partially because I’ve had an irritated eye the past few days) to give this look an effortless edge.  As always, let me know what you think and feel free to share this post!

Remember to always be kind to one another and stick together during this time of uncertainty. I’ll talk to you guys soon ❤


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