Sheer & Denim

First of all, happy new year! Thanks for checking out my fun, little blog.

This look was born out of pure boredom of my wardrobe. I tend to ride waves of creativity, the swells when I’m experimenting and dressing up, followed by periods of wearing jeans and a tee. Every. Single. Day.

My cure for my fashion rut this time around was to play around in my closet, even though I had no where to go, and see if I could come up with something a little *weird*. When I slipped this sheer vintage Betsy Johnson dress on over an outfit I’ve worn a thousand times, I actually questioned whether or not I’d lost my mind. Some may say yes, I had, but I liked it too much to change. A few accessories and suddenly I was dying to go anywhere simply to show off my outfit.

The dress-over-jean trend is one I’m sure most of us are dying to forget, but whenever I see it done well in editorial, I’m all about it. I also think that using a simple sheer slip was a great way to try it out without totally looking like I was attending the Teen Choice Awards in 2006. Honestly, if you aren’t playing your style and knowing you might hate your outfit 5 years from now, are you even having fun?

Let me know what you think of this trend! I’m seeing it come back here and there, but I personally don’t think it’s going to take off again.

Thanks again for stopping by!

xo Jess