1 Dress 3 Looks | Styling a Summer Slip Dress for Fall

Midway through fall and I’m trying to style as many of my own pieces as I can instead of buying new! I started to feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I have that I don’t wear nearly as often as I should. One of my favorite pieces of all time is a slip dress. I’ve been loving this styled with sweaters and docs, or leather jackets and cowboy boots. I couldn’t decide which look to go for when I was getting dressed, so instead of doing what I actually planned to do, I challenged my self to style this summer dress as many ways as I could. I only photographed a few but I could’ve kept going! You can check out more looks with this dress on my tiktok @jessandthreads. Dresses like this are so versatile, and I get so much use out of them. I genuinely love these looks, so don’t be surprised if you see me in them many times over. I hope this inspires you to try to get the most out of your clothes! Here’s how I styled it:

Make It Edgy

Would it really be a blog post of mine if I didn’t feature at least one pair of platform docs? Some things will never change. This particular pair was a collaboration with a brand from a few years ago, but any tall platform boot will give you a similar look. The dress itself is from Soto Boutique during this past summer. On top I threw on this safety pin sweater that is currently available at Soto Lifestyle- and selling out. Run don’t walk. It’s the perfect weight for fall in LA and the unique detail is definitely a plus. The easiest way to decide what color to wear over a printed dress is to pull any color out of the print. For these three looks, I loved playing with beige on top, but I’ve also styled it with black, green, ivory, or even a pop of red. Especially when the print is mostly neutral, you can’t go wrong. I kept it simple and small for the bag since my shoes are so big. This look is so ME. Recreating this one ASAP.

Polished but Funky

Color-wise, this look is pretty similar to the first, but subtle switches give it an entirely different feeling. The best way to describe how I felt in this outfit is: a cool girl working hard in the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry, who means business but also has fun with her style. Oh wait. That’s me. This chic, mock-neck, chunky sweater elevates this look. I added my red cowboy boots for a bit of height and color. These surprisingly look good with just about anything. I threw on my all time favorite work tote, and as you can tell from the photos, I couldn’t pick a favorite pair of sunglasses. Definitely wearing this one to work tomorrow.

City Girl

Sometimes, I just want to feel like a pile of clothes. This look made me feel so cool, comfy and chic. I threw on a beige oversized blazer and a wrap scarf, which always makes me feel way more put together than I am. I kept the work tote because I’m a working gal, and I like how this bag is a little more structured than a trendy canvas tote I’m seeing all over Pinterest. The proportions of this outfit call for an equally huge bag, or a smaller structured handbag. I loved this look but genuinely can’t pick a favorite of the three.

I styled this dress so many more ways on my tiktok, just because it’s so much easier to film quick looks that way, and that’s not even all my ideas! Let me know what you’d like me to style next. I’m always looking for new ways to mix and match what I already own.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon,