Wild Youth


Dress | Soto Boutique | similar

White tee | Forever21 | here

Shoes | Boohoo | here

Choker | Soto Boutique | similar

Today I have another spur of the moment post that I threw together with my awesome co-worker, Shany. I am so into this new trend of slip dresses over white t-shirts. This dress was purchased at Soto Boutique, and actually has straps that criss-cross in the front. I tucked in the extra straps so it would look cleaner against a white crop top (the dress alone is stunning as well.) The white crop top is from Forever21. I prefer crop tops under dresses as opposed to regular length t-shirts. The shoes are my usual black boots from Boohoo.com (I promise I’ll give you a break from these in the next post!) Shany was kind enough to let me borrow her choker that she purchased at Soto Boutique, and I linked a similar one above. I’ve been really liking my hair in a messy, low ponytail lately because it keeps me cool and adds some romantic vibes to any look. You’ll probably see me wear this dress and crop top combination constantly because it’s pretty unexpected and a little daring.

In two days, I’ll be away for the weekend with my boyfriends family for his cousin’s wedding! I’m so excited for a bit of a vacation, and I’ll be sure to post what I wear.

Thank you so much, as always.


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