Wild One

Coat | Macy’s | here

Bodysuit | Soto | similar (with stunning back detail)

Jeans | Soto | very similar

Shoes | old Steve Madden

Liquid Lipstick | ColourPop | here

Good morning, beautiful!  I have been on the search for the perfect faux fur jacket for a while now, and I scored this one on an online Black Friday sale. Can you believe I found this stunning piece at Macy’s? I only say that because often, besides their designer pieces, I don’t have good luck at Macy’s, which is a shame because their prices can be very affordable. I think the best parts about this jacket are that it’s faux fur, has pockets, it’s warm, AND it’s actually reversible. So, if it’s colder outside than you expected, flip it inside out, and you have a cute, even warmer coat with faux fur detailing. I decided to go all black under to really highlight the stunning colors in this jacket,
while adding touches of detail with the lace up and the zipper in my shoes. As usual, you can never go wrong with a good-ole’ black high-waisted jean. I kept my makeup warm, as usual, and added a metallic lipstick. I absolutely love this look. Let me know what you thought of the outfit! Links to everything or similar items are always above. Please be sure to share this post!

Thank you all for your love!

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