The Wire

Top | Zaful | here

Pants | Brandy Melville | here

Jacket | Hollister | very similar

Sandals | Dr. Marten | here (now available in vegan leather here  )

So if you are really active on fashion instagram accounts, you may have seen a lot of people wearing this top. This one from Zaful looks exactly like a designer top that runs for around $100. A lot of people are picking up on this dupe because it is trendy, yet not worth $100 for such a small piece of fabric. This is a really daring piece because of how cropped it is, but I decided to give it a try because I think it is so fun for certain occasions. I toned it down with some high-waisted trousers from Brandy Melville and an oversized denim jacket. This trousers are “one size” but they are surprisingly stretchy and comfortable. I’m so sorry I didn’t realize I cut out my shoes in most of these pictures (the struggle of taking your own pictures! haha) but these sandals add a fun touch because the straps go horizontal like the top, and contrast the vertical lines of the pants. I just thought it was a cool concept to play with. This is definitely a top I would reserve for beach trips with high waisted shorts or going out with high waisted pants. It’s always fun to be a little daring, just choose when it is appropriate to do so! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Please feel free to like and share with anyone you think would enjoy!


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