Loose Ends

Top | Love Story | similar

Sweater | Love Story | similar

Jeans | Forever 21 | here (I ripped them myself)

Shoes | Dr. Martens | here

Happy Saturday! One of the trends of summer that I’m continuing into fall is frayed-ankle jeans. These were actually a fun DIY project for me. I purchased these really inexpensive jeans from Forever21 and decided to mimic the uneven bottom look I have been seeing everywhere, especially done by very high end brands. To create your own, cut the bottoms of your jeans so that they hit a little bit below your ankle, but do not touch your heel. Make sure each leg of the jeans are cut evenly. Then, cut just the front of your jeans so that they are 2 inches shorter, but do not cut the side seam (and check again that each leg is even). I decided to distress them a little more. Remember, DIY jeans look much better after you wash them. And that’s it! I also love square neck satin tank tops, and I paired it with this grey chunky cardigan. I finished off the look with a simple black velvet choker and the new Dr. Martens Lite “Cavendish.” These shoes are so light and comfortable. They are perfect to show off the cool bottom of these jeans. Lately, I really like combining brighter blue jeans with black or grey on top. The different fabrics and textures in this simple outfit make it more dimensional and detailed.  Let me know what you think of this look!

Thank you as always!


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