Must Have Summer Accessories

Summer used to be my least favorite season for fashion. To my core, I’m a boots and flannels kind of girl. Since it’s brutally hot in Los Angeles, it can be hard to put together an inspired outfit when I can’t bear to wear anything more than a tank and shorts. This year, maybe since I’ve felt happier, I’m loving pops of color and fun accessories to add a stamp of me into every look. Here’s a few I wear everyday:

My favorite sunglasses right now are by Crap Eyewear, a generous gift from Nichole. They’re the perfect 90’s inspired black sunglasses that compliment any look. I also love adding a silk scarf tied to a bag or in my hair for extra detail. I found these pre-loved scarves from Hidden Treasures in Malibu, but you can find these at thrift shops, Depop, Etsy, etc.

I’ve been living in my Dr. Martens platform sandals, so it’s time to break out the anklets! I love this classic accessory because it’s youthful and not always expected. My friend Emily gifted me this gorgeous butterfly anklet, but here’s a similar one I found. Another youthful motif that I can’t get enough of: fruit on anything. These strawberry earrings are from Schaeffer Clay Maker on Etsy- and her stuff is amazing! I’ve given a few of her designs as gifts and you simply can’t go wrong in her shop.

Obviously, I love what my friends pick out for me. This checkered hair clip from Jessi is one of my favorite pieces this summer! The quality is impeccable, and looks great even on the strap of my handbag, handy whenever I need it. I believe it’s sold out but here’s the email list! I also love this green clip I found on Etsy, and it’s the one that *almost* holds up my entire mane. She’s small but mighty, worth every penny, and comes in a ton of colors. Even when I don’t have a clip in my hair, there’s always one on my bag, just to add a little pop.

Lastly, these acrylic rings are an everyday essential. They add a little more fun to my usually silver covered hands and are always a conversation starter. I couldn’t find links for them all, but the clear twist is one of my favorites. It’s fun to pair the different colors with different outfits, but the clear ring is an essential always.

I hope you’re having fun with your summer wardrobe and finding new ways to play with your style! Summer is the season to experiment with color and loud pieces. Don’t be afraid to swap out your usual neutrals for a bit of green or orange! Let me know your favorite item of the season- I’d love to know!

See you soon,