My Favorite Jewelry Trends for 2021

They say “less is more,” but when it comes to jewelry, I always love more, more, more. Take any outfit photo of me and you’ll see rings on every finger, earrings galore, and my staple “Jess” necklace- always. That being said, I definitely stick to my everyday pieces. I don’t normally buy trendy jewelry because the pieces I wear everyday are a comfort zone. But something in me awakened when I saw this first trend I want to share with you, and now I’m all aboard. Here are the jewelry trends for 2021 that made me online shop for 2 hours:


Whether it’s resin, clay, or plastic, this trend is definitely the most fun on this list. Imagine the color coordination possibilities! Add your favorite color rings to a fully monochromatic look (I’m thinking red?) or spice up a white tee and denim. I’m waiting by the window for my Etsy box to arrive, but you can shop these in the meantime:


I’m really crushing on this trend for darker outfits. As the world opens again, I picture myself rocking a huge crushed silver bangle on my wrist in a simple black slip maxi dress. This is what they call manifestation, right? Adding textured pieces in your favorite metal is an easy way to stay current without feeling like you’re overdoing it.


These pieces are on a whole other level. Some looks just really call for a single statement piece. This is the trend that will make you turn heads and relish the feeling of taking your jewelry off at night. These are a couple of my favorites:


At first, the return of puka shells was lost on me. Yet alas, I have seen the light, and just recently shot a look featuring a puka shell choker that my good friend, Christiana, gifted me. This is the spring/summer trend to elevate your camis, shorts, dresses, and swimwear (bonus points for 90’s styles.)


For pearls this time around, the irregular the better. Pearls aren’t my usual style but I’m loving this playful spin on this classy look. Small mismatched pearls layered with gold chains is an easy way to incorporate this into your everyday look.


Jewelry in 2021 feels all around playful, nostalgic and bright, and this trend is no exception. Smiley faces are absolutely everywhere- even painted on my nails. Along with smiley faces, I’m also seeing a lot of fruit and floral motifs on just about anything. These details add personality and charm to your look. After the year we had, these pieces are fun and the perfect companion to your tie dye sweat sets. Here’s a few I’m adding to my cart:

Jewelry can make an outfit- so add your own personal flair whether it includes these trends or not. I’ll definitely be trying something new this year!

See you soon,