Comfortable, Stylish Shoes for College Students

If you’re a college student, you have probably regretted your shoe choice of the day more than once. Whether you commute or live in the dorms, you could spend the majority of your day walking across campus. I’m confident that I’ve narrowed down the best shoes and brands for long days on campus! Here are my suggestions:

1. Dr. Martens

If you own a pair of Dr. Martens, this is probably an obvious choice. I have always relied on this brand to prioritize comfort. Some styles take time to break in, but it is incredibly worth it. This is my favorite shoe brand and they are always updating their styles. They will give any look an edgy touch. My favorites include the 1460 Smooth (the originals, not pictured) , the Jadon (Platform), and the 1461 Nappa.


2. Gwendolyn boots by JustFab

The Gwendolyn boots by JustFab are my go to boots when I want to look a little put together but still comfortable. I could run a mile in these with no problem. I purchased these over a year ago (yes, they are STILL available), and to say that I’ve gotten my money’s worth is an understatement. I’ve probably worn these multiple times a week over the past year. They are comfortable height with a 3.5″ rubber heel. These shoes hit your leg at such a flattering spot, just above the ankle but not quite at the calf. They come in black, burgundy, and cognac. You will not regret this purchase!


3. Vans

This suggestion may seem obvious to most, especially those that love streetwear. However, Vans are absolutely not confided to the basic black and white old school styles. You can get funky with your Vans and even create your own custom pair. I love these “Old Skool Platforms” because they look like the classic Vans we all know and love, but they give me a bit of height. We all know I love a good platform. They also come in a few different styles and colors. These bright red “Canvas Sk8-Hi” sneakers are a casual way to rock the hottest color of the season. I don’t believe the monochromatic is still available, but any colored Vans will give you a similar look.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

4. Boots by Cape Robbin

Cape Robbin is a shoe brand that I found myself accidentally ordering. I would buy a pair of shoes online that I thought were really unique and affordable, without knowing the name of the brand. My three successes when doing this have been my three pairs by Cape Robbin! They have their own website but are carried by Windsor and Dollskill, to name a few. The white star booties are currently on sale on Dollskill for $24! Yes, they also come in black!  Unfortunately, I cannot find the black pair anymore but here is another very cute pair in black! Cape Robbin is also responsible for the magic that is the plaid platforms I was wearing in my Fall Lookbook– so obviously, I am a fan.



I hope you got some ideas for shoes to try out for long days on campus! Please let me know if you found this helpful! I got a request from my best friend Nichole for this post (thank you!) Feel free to follow me on social media for more frequent fashion related posts!


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